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[roadkill cover] Some time ago, we spent a few warm summer days recording at a rural location in North Wales. These sessions produced more than enough material for an album. Our approach to recording is to play live, and many of these songs were recorded in one take, with no overdubs.

A sprinkling of modern technology has allowed us to explore some fruitful musical avenues, but the music retains the edge that our live audiences expect. Follow the links to find out more about us, see some photos (old and new!) and hear our music.

The new CD 'The Roadkill Tapes' is now available. This is our second release, and captures the power and passion that characterises our live performances.

Listen to mp3 clips from 'The Roadkill Tapes'

[mp3 icon]  Farmer John
[mp3 icon]  I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down
[mp3 icon]  As The Years Go Passing By
[mp3 icon]  Shouting In The Park

To buy a CD (£9.99) email us at

CDs are cheaper if you buy them at a gig.

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[mp3 icon]  You Let It Show (5.4 MB)
[mp3 icon]  Princes Street (12.4 MB)
[mp3 icon]  Round Here We Don't Give A Damn (3.4 MB)
[mp3 icon]  Going Down South (live) (5.2 MB)
[mp3 icon]  Farmer John (live) (2.9 MB)

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