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[PosterisedWern] Fiery blues and roots music from the Welsh hills!

The music we play is rooted firmly in the blues but includes elements of country, soul and the type of grungy rock that Neil Young would be proud of. Our material is diverse, including a few classic blues songs along with a selection of self-penned numbers.

We are firm believers in the power of live music and the art of not playing songs exactly the same way every time. With hundreds of gigs under our collective belt the interplay between us is almost telepathic.

"Inyerface tight as a tick huge racket"

"I'd rather have danced to a pneumatic drill"
 Amanda Franklin (Student Journalist)

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Email or come and meet us at a gig!

  • Saturday, 20 April, 2024   The Royal Welsh Yacht Club, Caernarfon   -   8.00pm
  • Friday, 21 June, 2024   Ty Glyndwr, Caernarfon   -   8.30pm

During lock-down we recorded some live sessions in Dave's dungeon when Covid restrictions allowed. Here's the first; there are also four more, longer sessions available on Dave's YouTube channel, including an 'Acoustic (apart from Humph)' session, featuring Dave on resonator guitar and Pete on banjo. Session 5 is a full-on bash, more like our usual live set.

Also, check out our bandcamp page with a session that we recorded a little while ago for Neil Crud's weekly Tudno FM programme.


'Round Here We Don't Give A Damn'

'Going Down South'

Videos shot by The Cane Toads, edited by paul mattock. Music mix by The Cane Toads.

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