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[roadkill cover] Our first experience of playing together was in someone else's unsatisfactory band in the mid-eighties. In 1988 we decided to form our own compact trio. In the many years of gigging since then we have shared the bill with the likes of Steve Gibbons, Doctor and the Medics, Joe Louis Walker and The DTs. The Colne Blues Festival has played host to several storming Toad gigs. We've also worn out a VW Polo (except for the bit the dog ate).

Our first album 'Horrid Din' is a selection of live recordings and was released in 1991. The name was inspired by a review of one of our gigs, written by a student hack writing under the pseudonym Amanda Franklin, who didn't like what she heard.

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The Cane Toads
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Dave Hopewell - guitar and vocals

Dave built up a reputation as a fine solo singer before the Toads came into existence. He owns various guitars and several crunchy valve amplifiers, and enjoys combining them to produce a formidable sound. If left unattended for too long Dave will pick up the nearest resonator guitar, and has been caught playing lap-steel. He also plays with The Rice Hooligan Orchestra. He used to dig things up for a living but now spends more time wandering around in fields, making beeping noises.

Humph Davies - bass

Humph can be held responsible for most of the low frequencies generated by the Toads. He has played bass for many different beat combos over the years, including Turnstone and Noise At Work. He also has lots of ukuleles. Humph's knowledge of the local music scene is encyclopedic, and he occasionally uses this information to remind Pete which bands he's in. He spends a significant amount of time making sure that steam trains don't fall over.

Pete Walton - drums

As well as being the Toads' tub-thumper, Pete plays a few other instruments and has a reputation for being something of a 'musical tart'. He currently provides bass lines for Steve Eaves and often plays drums for Shrewsbury guitar hero Al Williams. While at work, Pete pokes buttons and sometimes moves faders.

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